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7 Incredible Sunken Forests. Eerie images of trees submerged in water.
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To this day, Stephen Gammell's illustrations for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark scare the crap out of me. It's interesting to compare those with the illustrations for the book that replaced his own (be warned, the link leads to images of spiders, rotting bodies, and general creepiness). The new illustrations often show the same basic image (say, a scarecrow), but don't come close to the level of visceral revulsion the originals achieved. Goes to show how technique, composition, and personal style can turn an idea into something electrifying.
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 photo pompouschocolate.jpg

Then again, I am a philistine when it comes to the art of the cocoa bean. (And nah, it wasn't that good.)
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Eye candy for the book worm. I covet so many of these rooms, but this one really grabs me:

photo of a circular library
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I admit it. I’ve been trying to destroy literature for years. Literature killed my partner. I was just a rookie then, he was a week from retirement. He didn’t deserve it.

I swore revenge. I got kicked off the force for it. I developed a drinking problem. I stopped shaving. And then, one night, as I stood over his grave, shivering from the pouring rain and hanging on to a half-empty bottle of whiskey for dear life, I made a vow.

I would self-publish.

I would self-publish, and self-publish, and keep on self-publishing until that son of a bitch Literature was dead, and then I’d piss on its grave.

People tell me I’ve gone too far. That I’m no longer human. That I’ve become a rabid dog. They might be right. But I’ll tell you what, that night–that dark, and stormy night–I had the first night of pure, honest sleep I’d had in months.

Second place goes to:

Deal with it, motherfucker.

Both quotes plucked from The Passive Voice.
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Cross–culturally consistent patterns emerged, with humans differing from nonhumans on two dimensions that closely resembled our two proposed forms of humanness. Compared to humans, animals were seen as lacking higher cognitive powers and refined emotion, but also as having superior perceptual capacities. Robots chiefly lacked emotion– and desire–related capacities.

Oh, the story ideas that are bubbling from reading this...


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