outlineofash: Artwork of a skull in suit and top hat. Text reads "The wonders of life." (Sundry - Skeletal Wonders)
 photo inktober_day_2.jpg

I'm growing lemon trees from seed; this is one of the seedlings, now nine months old.
outlineofash: Jack Skellington smiling in delight. (Smile - Delighted)
Hello all! It's been a long while since I came on here, but I decided to do Inktober this year and thought I'd share.

 photo 1.jpg
outlineofash: A tiger looms over a young woman. (Sundry - Tigress)
I can't remember who was in the reference photo; an old time movie star (maybe Gary Cooper?). But I didn't concentrate on catching any resemblance so much as that gorgeous black and white lighting.

 photo study600.jpg
outlineofash: A human figure surrounded by energy lines looks up at the sky. Artist unknown. (Artwork - Phoenix)
 photo redheadfinal.jpg

Painted in watercolor, brightened and touched up in Photoshop.
outlineofash: A humanoid with a neutral expression. (Sundry - Alien Calm)
 photo pinkgirl14small.png

Just another color study.
outlineofash: Parody of Munch's "The Scream" painting, with a raving rabbid inserted in place of the original figure. (Sundry - Rabbid Munch)
Bernard always eschewed the three-piece suit favored by his fellow demons...he had no love for ironing, either.

 photo feetfinalsm.png

Aside from the horns and glowing eyes, I was too rusty with full-body poses to take any artistic license with the ref photo.
outlineofash: A zombie offers another zombie his heart (Fiction - Paranormal Romance II)
 photo adudefinalsm.png

Zombie muscleman fellow. IN PINK.
outlineofash: A couple in formal wear and gas masks. The woman is dances while the man simply stands and waits. (Mood - Whimsy)
Another color study, this one more sketchy and rough.

 photo girlstudy2small.png
outlineofash: Text reads, "I will properly name my PSD layers." (Art - Digital Promise)
Just playing around with color.

 photo alleynfinaluncut600.jpg

Opencanvas and Photoshop. Photo ref used.
outlineofash: Drawing of a skull with the text "This drawing is not about death." (Art - Drawing)
The under drawing for my first watercolor of 2014. (Originally via Instagram, which is why the lighting looks weird. In reality, the paper is actually white.)

 photo 2014firstsketch.jpg
outlineofash: A woman walks with an invisible umbrella. Artwork by Karen Klassen. (Sundry - Wind)
 photo poirot3-1.jpg

"It is I, Poirot."

I like watching mystery shows. Agatha Christie's Poirot is one of them.

Digital sketch in openCanvas.
outlineofash: White Rabbit and Hatter from Syfy's Alice fight. Text reads "Bring it on!" (Media - Bring it ON)
 photo sketch6sm.jpg

This sketch is tiny, hardly three inches. Since I was drawing with a blunt, soft pencil, I had to suggest the features rather than give them any detail.
outlineofash: Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes makes a monster face. (Media - Calvin Face)
 photo sketch5.jpg

Graphite and white pencil on grey toned paper.
outlineofash: An astronaut in space looks at a moth perched on her helmet. Artwork by Alexander Wells. (Artwork - Space Moths)
 photo sketch4.jpg

Disappointed with this one, since I got sloppy with the anatomy.
outlineofash: Illustration of a skeleton surrounded by small red flower buds. Artist unknown. (Artwork - Neon Skeleton)
 photo sketch3.jpg

Still loving this grey paper. Graphite and white pencil on Stathmore toned paper.
outlineofash: A collage of an angel with a speech bubble showing a devil. (Artwork - Speak of the Devil)
 photo sketch2.png

Pale hair is really fun to draw on toned paper. Graphite and white colored pencil.
outlineofash: Drawing of a skull with the text "This drawing is not about death." (Art - Drawing)
 photo maudlin.png

"You're maudlin and full of self-pity. You're magnificent."

George Sanders sketch. Graphite and white colored pencil on Strathmore 400 series toned grey paper. I LOVE THIS PAPER.
outlineofash: A fortune cookie with the fortune reading, "Meh." (Text - Meh)
 photo swarm2sm.jpg

Since I'm crap at coming up with art ideas, I decided to use a framework of twelve paintings based on the songs of a favorite album as part of experimenting and playing around with things. My icon sums up my current mood toward this result. It's going to at least a few more of these before anything in my head clicks together.
outlineofash: A man with a laughing donkey's head. (Mood - Amused)
Baby steps into exploring a new style...

Two pieces, behind a cut due to size. )


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