outlineofash: A tiger looms over a young woman. (Sundry - Tigress)
I can't remember who was in the reference photo; an old time movie star (maybe Gary Cooper?). But I didn't concentrate on catching any resemblance so much as that gorgeous black and white lighting.

 photo study600.jpg
outlineofash: Drawing of a skull with the text "This drawing is not about death." (Art - Drawing)
Although I haven't resurrected my attempt at a career as an artist, I do still sometimes paint covers for friends. Now that my friend's had a cover release for her upcoming Victorian murder mystery novel, I can post the final painting without spoiling any surprises.

 photo coverartbase.jpg

For whatever reason, I spent THE ENTIRE TIME WHILE PAINTING THIS listening to 80s synth pop.
outlineofash: Surreal illustration of a winged figure wearing a helmet. (Sundry - Winged Figure)
 photo sneakpeek2-1.jpg

Painting folds of fabric puts me into a quiet, near-meditative state.

One thing about art is, even with reference photos, you're not home free. What can look good in a photo looks bizarre in an illustration. "Paint what you see" is only half of it. You also have to decide when to sacrifice what is realistic for the sake of what looks good.
outlineofash: A humanoid with a neutral expression. (Sundry - Alien Calm)
 photo pinkgirl14small.png

Just another color study.
outlineofash: Parody of Munch's "The Scream" painting, with a raving rabbid inserted in place of the original figure. (Sundry - Rabbid Munch)
Bernard always eschewed the three-piece suit favored by his fellow demons...he had no love for ironing, either.

 photo feetfinalsm.png

Aside from the horns and glowing eyes, I was too rusty with full-body poses to take any artistic license with the ref photo.
outlineofash: A zombie offers another zombie his heart (Fiction - Paranormal Romance II)
 photo adudefinalsm.png

Zombie muscleman fellow. IN PINK.
outlineofash: A couple in formal wear and gas masks. The woman is dances while the man simply stands and waits. (Mood - Whimsy)
Another color study, this one more sketchy and rough.

 photo girlstudy2small.png
outlineofash: Text reads, "I will properly name my PSD layers." (Art - Digital Promise)
Just playing around with color.

 photo alleynfinaluncut600.jpg

Opencanvas and Photoshop. Photo ref used.


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