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300 words. Content warning for sadomasochistic elements.

The Vow )
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Sheesh. Apparently I haven't written any form of flash fiction for one and a half years. That's just sad. I really enjoy writing flash fiction, but novel writing has been consuming my attention. Obviously, this must be rectified. After poking around, I found a table of prompts via [livejournal.com profile] 100_prompts:

01. Defiant 02. Powder 03. Grateful 04. Decent 05. Union
06. Cleansed 07. Go 08. Shame 09. Objective 10. Strength
11. Life 12. Contempt 13. Wrong 14. Sweeten 15. Hands
16. Strangle 17. Lullaby 18. Untouchable 19. Whispered 20. Prayers
21. Obvious 22. Rhythm 23. Afterlife 24. Hidden 25. Parade
26. Touch 27. Free 28. Enjoy 29. Shining 30. Overflow

It'll be fun to see what I can do with these.
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After giving this piece a few months of existing exclusively on [community profile] october_country, I'm posting it here as well. 1,000ish words.

Self-Coded )
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I posted a piece of original fiction over at [community profile] october_country, a community dedicated as an homage to Ray Bradbury. Check out my short story "Self-Coded", if you're so inclined!
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From [personal profile] aldersprig's prompt, "I remember, vividly, dreaming I could fly." Also a continuation from this piece.

740 words.

A Dragon's Meal )
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From [personal profile] egli's prompt, "In a world where everyone wears masks, superheroes fight crime showing their real face."

560 words.

The Norm )
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From [personal profile] barbary's prompt, "The mask won't come off, no matter what everyone tries; but she doesn't really want it to."

330 words.

A Dragon's Grin )
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From [personal profile] clare_dragonfly's prompt, "The way memories are hidden, covered up, altered".

330 words.

Scramble )
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From [personal profile] ravenswept's prompt, "Stealing a person's face will give you their voice and last immediate memories".

400 words. Warning for self-injury.

Stolen )

My call for prompts is open until Saturday, 12:00 AM PDT. Bop over and leave some if you're so inclined. :D
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The response to [personal profile] ravenswept's prompt about a character from a former NaNo story of mine, doing something bloody. A bit of background that isn't necessary for this piece but may provide added context: it's set in an alternate France during the Belle Époque era.

800 words.

Medusa )
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So, I was browsing through my archives, thinking about returning to writing flash fiction regularly, when I realized I never finished this prompt! How utterly delinquent of me. So, here's a flash fic in response to [personal profile] smw's prompt of something science fictional based on body mod.

It got quite long, nearly 600 words. Warning for some mentions of violence and resulting wounds.

New Moon )
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[Day 9: Write a scene working from the title "Roses are Red, Violets are Dead".] 


I twisted the ring on my finger as the Minister pulled on her gloves. The thin rubber snapping against her skin sounded painful, but her face only showed skepticism. “You sure about this, Rose? No turning back. My inks are permanent and my needles are blessed.”

“If you really thought I’d call it off, you’d have asked me before I stripped and got on the chair.” I rested my head on my arms, trying to look more relaxed than I felt. “Let’s go.”

And that was the only question she asked me throughout the weeks, as I booked appointment after appointment to sit in her studio and have her needles bite into me.

I’d only been a hardass on one aspect: every piece of Esslyn’s DNA must make it onto my skin, and in patterns a tissue engineer could easily read and transcribe. Everything else – the designs, the colors, and where to put them on my body – I left up to the Minister. She was used to doing this, after all. I was hardly the first war widow to have her love’s genome mapped on her skin.

After the final session, I stared at myself in the mirror. Four letters repeated millions of times, so tiny they resembled continuous lines swirling in intricate shapes and forms over my entire body.

“Those curlicues on my eyelids hurt like a sonofabitch, you know,” I said. The last letters inked, on my collarbone, shifted slightly as I watched them.

The Minister nodded. “Good. Pain to get him back is a nice match for the pain you felt when he was taken away.”

“Is he?” I whispered. “Back, I mean?”

For the first time, I saw a smile on the Minister’s face. “Look at your arms.”

I did, and saw the lines wrapped around them shivering too much to blame on muscle movement.

As I looked into the mirror again, feeling my eyes burn with tears, her cool, crisp voice continued. “Such early sentience is good. It means the offering of your skin was accepted.  When you’re completely healed, come back and we’ll find out whether the spirit who responded is actually Esslyn.”

The list of questions. )
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Day 2 of the 30 Days of Flash Fiction meme. I feel like I'm getting back into the rhythm of flash fiction.

[Day 2) Write a scene with a drunken mythological creature]


Old folktales swore that brewing beer in an eggshell could identify a changeling from a human. Me, I just pushed can after can of Pabst Blue Ribbon at my cousin. Surprising a changeling into showing their nature needs brains; I’m not a smart man. But I figured getting one shit-faced would do the trick.

We sat on lawn chairs while we drank, overlooking weeds and poison oak bristling between the trunks of scattered pines. I smoked as he laughed and told stories I didn’t listen to.

When the sky darkened to dusk, I knew it was time. I spent a moment listening to the crickets trill around us, and then cut through his babbling. “Jamie. What are you?”

I wiped at the sweat trickling down my neck and waited out his silence.

Finally, he threw his can down and belched. “I’m your cousin on your mother’s side.”

“Hell you are. The Kinneys could be stamped from a machine, the way we share looks and temper. I know you’re not one of us. I meant -- are you human?”

Leaning forward in his seat, he wearily said, “I don’ know. They left me here as a baby. But I can walk like a Kinney, talk shit and take punches like one. That enough?”

When I said nothing, he belched again and added, “Hope I can puke like one, too, ‘cause something’s coming back up.”

As I held back his hair while he heaved his guts out, I figured, yeah, it was enough. It was.


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