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So gorgeous I have to link to it: Tamara Phillips: the art of coloured water. Her way of incorporating sharp circle patterns to contrast with the soft washes of color is especially swoon-worthy.
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Eddie Izzard on Easter and Christmas (link here if the embedded version doesn't work):


Aug. 5th, 2012 07:49 pm
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Found links:
Readercon update: Public Statement by the Readercon Convention Committee. Very pleased by this! Cynic that I am, I'm always happily surprised when people say, "This is not okay," and are actually listened to.

There will be a Prometheus sequel. ...Yes, I'll probably see it in theaters.

Story Extras:
I've no idea how interesting others will find this, but since I'm always intrigued by glimpses into the creative processes of others, I thought I'd share pieces from mine. In this case, the inspiration for the short story I wrote last week, which was the song "Isolated" by Chiasm, and a photo I found on Tumblr:

Flash Fic 1

A trip down Nostalgia Avenue: my god, nu-metal doesn't age well. The only song I still enjoy is Deftones' "Change," which is atypical for the genre, anyway. Okay, and I have a bit of fondness for Incubus' "Pardon Me," but that could also benefit from being in the first Daria episode I ever watched.
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I'm sure most people have heard about what happened at Readercon (if you haven't and want some thorough explanations and discussions on it, here's a link round-up listed chronologically), but in summary: author Genevieve Valentine was sexually harassed and reported it to the Readercon board of directors. Readercon's harassment policy is explicitly zero-tolerance. Yet the man who harassed Ms. Valentine is suspended for only two years, not permanently.

Why? Because he was very sorry about it and deserves a chance to reform himself, according to the board of directors' reasoning for their decision.


You know what Readercon implies by failing to enforce their own harassment policy, especially when placed side by side with their given reasons for doing so? The implication is that one man being able to redeem himself is more important than the safety of all people who attend Readercon expecting it to commit to its own official harassment policy.

And deciding not to go to Readercon as a result of this? That's not flouncing, overreacting, or whatever bullshit dismissal is being thrown around. It's an act of self-preservation. It's an act in response to knowing that when sexual harassment happens, Readercon's concerns will not be for those who experienced it.

Fic Rec:

Jul. 29th, 2012 06:11 pm
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The Gravedigger's Tale, a short story by [personal profile] twistedchick that contains a fantastic blend of weird, sweet, and unnerving.
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Though maybe the icon is recognizable enough. I've wanted to change from "Limiinal" for a while now, and have finally done so.

While I'm at it, here's where I can be found at other sites:

Livejournal: http://outlineofash.livejournal.com/. Since LJ has had major security and privacy fuck-ups, I won't post anything there that I wouldn't be fine with finding myself locked out of and unable to control. In other words, no creative posts. Art and flash fiction will remain here and only here. This account will act as my all-important author's blog, in which I reveal how boring I really am as a person. (Yes, yes, I know about Wordpress and Blogger, but I've tried both and hate using them.) Nothing will appear over there that isn't present here.

Tumblr: http://outlineofash.tumblr.com/. Used mostly to find art and cool things and occasional GIFs. I also post (with credit) art I find on other sites, but never my own stuff.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OutlineofAsh. Ah yes, when I need a reminder of how quick wit continually eludes me. I usually Tweet a mixture of trivial things ("Listening to QueenAdreena!"), links that I think are interesting, and the occasional self-promotion.
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is watching Eddie Izzard's classic bit on Easter (and Christmas) (direct link here):

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[personal profile] moonvoice has a poll up asking what sort of self-published totem books people would like to see from her. If you've got a spare moment and are so inclined, check it out! Her totem artwork is gorgeous.


Mar. 25th, 2012 10:31 am
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And lots of them!

These people create awesome things that are for sale:

Dorrit's Dollhouse. Witty handmade crochet that tempts you to the geekside with TARDIS scarves and Space Invaders pillows.

Helix Chainmaille. Gorgeous necklaces and bracelets in various weaves and colors.

Raven's Dreaming. Original artwork of incredible detail and color. Also sells prints through deviantART.

These things are geektastic:

I'm Done Explaining Why Fanfic Is Okay. A big FUCK YES to this.

Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch. Enough said.

Skull Portraits. Macabre and beautiful.
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I was linked to this short film over on io9 and had to share it. It's gory and gorgeous in the way that only vivid animation can be.


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