Aug. 5th, 2012 07:49 pm
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Found links:
Readercon update: Public Statement by the Readercon Convention Committee. Very pleased by this! Cynic that I am, I'm always happily surprised when people say, "This is not okay," and are actually listened to.

There will be a Prometheus sequel. ...Yes, I'll probably see it in theaters.

Story Extras:
I've no idea how interesting others will find this, but since I'm always intrigued by glimpses into the creative processes of others, I thought I'd share pieces from mine. In this case, the inspiration for the short story I wrote last week, which was the song "Isolated" by Chiasm, and a photo I found on Tumblr:

Flash Fic 1

A trip down Nostalgia Avenue: my god, nu-metal doesn't age well. The only song I still enjoy is Deftones' "Change," which is atypical for the genre, anyway. Okay, and I have a bit of fondness for Incubus' "Pardon Me," but that could also benefit from being in the first Daria episode I ever watched.


Feb. 1st, 2012 11:01 pm
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Oh look, I've gone quiet again. Half the reason I'm even posting this is because I'm determined to blog on a date that could be construed as a palindrome. So... a list of what's on my mind.

- I'm working furiously on The Thirteenth Rib. Coming down with some type of flu knocked me back a week, but we'll see how quickly I can make it up.

- I recently finished Dracula's Guest: A Connoisseur's Collection of Victorian Vampire Stories. I enjoyed it very much, to the extent that I'll probably buy my own copy. It was interesting to see the familiar patterns play out in each story, and the different lenses used with which to view vampirism. There were the tragic Byronic figures, the virulent plague types, the melancholy monsters, etc. And of course the fear of sex permeated nearly every page.

- I'm absurdly pleased with my new writing notebook. Since I carry one around wherever I go, I'm particular about what I like. This one is sturdy and sleek, yet plain enough that spilling coffee on it won't bother me. And seeing so many crisp, blank pages just makes me want to write more.

- Latest music discovery: Imogen Heap. iMegaphone is delicious. Some songs have this surreal carnival quality that reminds me of Arcturus' La Masquerade Infernale and The Sham Mirrors, even though the two bands are entirely different overall.


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