Nov. 3rd, 2012 05:48 pm
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My computer has been infected by a Trojan. Which, wonderful. It's not the worst thing to happen to me this year, but it's certainly not helping. Needless to say, my NaNo plans have been knocked to the side a bit while I scrabble around and fix things.

How's your weekend going? Hopefully better than mine?

NaNo: Day 1

Nov. 1st, 2012 10:24 pm
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Word count: 1805
Music: Out of City from the Blood and Chocolate soundtrack. Even when I'm dead tired, it gets my head bobbing.
Assessment: skeletons of scenes. Tomorrow's word count will focus on filling them out.
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NaNo is nearly here, and I find myself 32,000 words into a story that should only come out to, oh, 60K or so. As I don't want to lose my writing groove by switching over to a new one, I've decided to continue working into NaNo and to simply tip my hat to the event by writing at least 1,667 words a day. The story ideas I tossed around as NaNo candidates will all be written eventually, but right now my focus is on Good As Dead.

Once upon a time, I read from a list of recommended YA paranormal romance novels... )
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My creative plate looks very full until the beginning of December. This pleases me!

Writing-wise, there's NaNo prep and NaNo itself. I'm 90% sure I'll go with the science fantasy story about the inkwitch and the android. Which now needs a working title. The remaining 10% of my certainty is holding out until I've written a solid outline. The world the story is set in has brewed in my head for a while now, so as I dig into the outline I may post worldbuilding extras and related flash fiction.

Art-wise, I've started a new drawing. Another goat person, but it will contain more detail than I've yet done for this series. I'm planning to document how I go about in-depth drawings, using this one as the example. So if you've ever been interested in how I draw, you're in luck.

Also? The soundtrack for the new Judge Dredd movie is kick-ass. I have no intention of seeing the movie, but any time I learn a new science fiction movie is in theaters, I check out its music, because more often than not it will be an awesome industrial/orchestral fusion.
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I don't have a great track record with NaNo. Out of several attempts, I've only "won" once, ha. Yet I'm encouraged by the steady word counts I've churned out this past month, all because I have a detailed outline as guidance. It's possible if I write an outline for my NaNo story, I won't end up 20K behind in the third week like always.

But of course that means choosing a story idea first. The strongest contenders so far are:

Story 1. Dark fantasy (and Red Riding Hood retelling) about a young werewolf named Katydid who, after losing her pack to sickness, travels through an otherworld forest to find Granny Wolf, a divine being who may be able to bring her loved ones back from the dead. If she doesn't first decide to eat Katydid, anyway. There's also a huntress with two wolfhounds after her tail, and a woodsman she keeps running into with a haunted past and a sharp ax.

Story 2. Urban fantasy (and Beauty and Beast retelling) about a sorcerer's daughter, isolated and struggling with a curse, who hires a bodyguard in case the city-wide power struggle between magic factions ever reaches her not-easy-to-find doorstep. (It does.)

Story 3. Science fantasy that expands upon a piece of flash fiction I wrote about an inkwitch trying to make a living off her tattoo spells and the uneasy friendship she develops with a newly-freed android.

All will be written eventually; it's more a matter of picking the best one for NaNo. Story 1 would probably be easiest because of the simple quest structure. Also, the main character likes to talk a lot. That always helps. Yet 2 and 3 are very tantalizing, too. Hmm...


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