Jul. 2nd, 2014 09:31 pm
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I love my tortie cat, but she doesn't play so much as enthusiastically flail with all claws out. I never realized how much I used the third finger of my right hand (I'm left-handed) until I had to wrap it.
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This evening, I discovered the freezer door had been left *ever so slightly* ajar for the past 24 hours. Frost EVERYWHERE inside the freezer, and the evaporator coil was clogged with ice. Thankfully, unplugging the fridge and using a hair dryer to melt all the ice was enough to get everything working again.

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When I exercise daily, I'm able to sleep through the night.

According to this test, I use both sides of my brain equally. That was a surprise, since the general opinion is that creative types tend to be right-brain driven. Maybe that's just a myth? Or I'm much less creative than I've prided myself on being, haha.

I've slowly morphed into a writer who outlines instead of one who figures out a story as she goes.
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January flew by pretty quickly. I didn't read or write as much as I hoped, but still managed a dent in my reading goal for the year. And I wrote a piece of flash fiction after a loooong dry spell, so that leaves me happy!
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Hmm. Twenty-six and I just discovered my first grey hair. I blame it on this bear of a chapter I'm trying to finish.


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