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I'm growing lemon trees from seed; this is one of the seedlings, now nine months old.
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Hello all! It's been a long while since I came on here, but I decided to do Inktober this year and thought I'd share.

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I can't remember who was in the reference photo; an old time movie star (maybe Gary Cooper?). But I didn't concentrate on catching any resemblance so much as that gorgeous black and white lighting.

 photo study600.jpg
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I've enjoyed The Tiny for years, but lately I've been listening to "Lithium" in particular while writing. What have you been listening to (if music is part of your creative process), fellow artisans?
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Although I haven't resurrected my attempt at a career as an artist, I do still sometimes paint covers for friends. Now that my friend's had a cover release for her upcoming Victorian murder mystery novel, I can post the final painting without spoiling any surprises.

 photo coverartbase.jpg

For whatever reason, I spent THE ENTIRE TIME WHILE PAINTING THIS listening to 80s synth pop.
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A good friend of mine is posting her novel on Wattpad, one chapter every week or so. If YA dystopia is your cup of tea, do check it out: Out of Darkness.
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...it's hair-tearing.


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Phew. I also have a couple of standalone novels floating around that I need to finish up.


Jul. 2nd, 2014 09:31 pm
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I love my tortie cat, but she doesn't play so much as enthusiastically flail with all claws out. I never realized how much I used the third finger of my right hand (I'm left-handed) until I had to wrap it.
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- When I'm in a creative slump, reading this always reminds me that it won't last forever.

- I've been trying to improve my handwriting, which has always been small and cramped, by re-training myself to write with the movements of my forearm instead of my fingers. Now my handwriting is bigger and flowing, but also inconsistent. Practice, practice, practice.

- Love this:
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Strange in Skin by Sara V. Zook.

 photo strangeinskin.jpg

New Adult paranormal romance. Really not good at all; all the four and five star reviews on Amazon fooled me. Nevah again!
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You don’t just get Amazon throwing its weight around to try to hurt Hachette, you get Hachette throwing its weight around to try to hurt Amazon, too. Either way, both Amazon and Hachette feel the pain from things either one of them does. And, of course, anything that hurts Hachette is, in turn, going to hurt the authors Hachette pays…whether it was Amazon who did it or Hachette.

Read the rest of the article here. It makes a fair point in noting that Hachette hasn't been a saintly victim in this spat. My personal thoughts are that Hachette certainly doesn't get any sympathy from me, what with its recent past of illegally colluding to raise e-book prices suggesting it can play the greedy, soulless giant as well as any company. But I do feel super sorry for the Hachette authors caught in this mess.
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Been sick with the flu for the last two weeks, so I picked reading that was fluffy and easy on a headache-y brain.

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 photo sneakpeek2-1.jpg

Painting folds of fabric puts me into a quiet, near-meditative state.

One thing about art is, even with reference photos, you're not home free. What can look good in a photo looks bizarre in an illustration. "Paint what you see" is only half of it. You also have to decide when to sacrifice what is realistic for the sake of what looks good.
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Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.

 photo 960d729f-ff48-4844-b531-5fb8ebf12c6b.jpg

Easily my least favorite out of the three Austen novels I've read so far. Came down to the characters, I think.
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Dracula by Bram Stoker.

 photo a6d7acce-90b3-492d-a079-b43eb4f44f03.jpg

Eh. Didn't like this classic, although there are loads of symbolism for good old Victorian-era struggles with repression vs. deviancy, especially with how the male characters love Lucy when she is "pure" and then are suddenly ready to hack off her head with "savage delight" once she's a "voluptuous" vampire.
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I don't celebrate Easter beyond eating chocolate, but this is too good to not post:

 photo f8414118-f85d-4c7f-b3b9-36649be45da1.jpg

It's the monocle. Monocles make everything classier.


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